Socks and sandals should never mix: Hitting the Runway


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Do you remember getting a lecture from your parents and they always said “If so and so jumped off a cliff would you?”

Well a question I often ask is, “Just because everyone wears socks with sandals does that mean you should too?” In case you are seriously pondering the thought in search for the right answer, the answer is definitely not.

I understand that not everybody is comfortable wearing vans, converse, or even flats, but that is no excuse. A nice pair of Nike sandals are fine, but when you try to rock them with tube socks, you will look like Urkel.

Wearing socks with sandals is extremely contradictory. If you want to stay cool, wear the sandal. If you want to keep your toes toasty, wear the socks. But for the love of God not at the same time.

Another point I would like to bring attention to is that wearing the Nike socks matched with sandals will not make you sporty. If you have never played a sport in your life, don’t try to look like an athlete by wearing this eye sore of a trend.

Though way too many individuals try to pull off this look (none in which are successful) there are worse cases where people choose to double their socks. Kids strut down the halls and notice the top of their sock is white, and the bottom is black. Well my friends, that is not one sock, but two, doubling the horror.

Maybe when your parents were telling you to be an individual, you should have listened because this “fashion statement,” that will hopefully soon pass, was the outcome of people using the excuse of “everybody does it,” to wear something ugly. You are either hot or cold, you can’t be both. If you are not athletic, don’t try and appear to be.

It’s okay to be sporty, but be sporty in a more attractive way.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor