Seniors can survive on patience: Senior Survivor


This is the time of year when every senior has a countdown app on their phone, the numbers slowly but surely decreasing as graduation day arrives. As senior’s high school careers come to a close they will begin to lose patience. There are a few simple ideas to keep in mind that will keep you from losing your mind as you continue to stare at the calendar.

First, counting down will only make the time go by slowly. It’s okay to check a countdown every once in a while, but checking every day is only going to fill you with frustration. That feeling of realizing there is only 60 days left is well worth it compared to being disappointed daily.

Second, avoid the subject. Your fellow classmates are going to complain every day about how much work is thrown on them each day, and go on about how they can’t wait to get out. If you sit there and agree with them, you are only making yourself more impatient. Take on the work with a smile, and the time will fly by.

Third, trick yourself. You may not want to be at Bellevue West everyday for class, but there is nothing you can do to avoid it. If you act like you are happy with being here, you might actually enjoy yourself. It’s not a crime to have a fun senior year, it’s a crime to leave without making memories.

Positivity is key; don’t be mad at the world just because graduation isn’t here yet. The only way to survive this last semester is to painfully enjoy every minute of it. Don’t take these moments for granted; the countdown will continue to tick no matter what mood you are in.

Chloe Brim
Features Editor and  Senior Survivor Blogger