Shopping key to avoiding prom drama


With prom only six weeks, it’s time to get started planning the perfect outfit. Prom is supposed to be the perfect night, but that can’t happen if your ill-prepared and not looking your best. Take my advice if you want to be the belle of the ball.

First things first, get the perfect dress. It may take a few hours to sort through the pile you have in the dressing room, but you want to explore all your options. Purchase a dress that is going to be cute and comfortable all night. I’m not saying go out and get yourself a nightgown, but a dress that doesn’t constantly need to be held up or is too itchy.

If you’re like me and purchased a dress offline, make sure you do it with great care. Do it far enough in advance so that if it comes in the wrong size or in the wrong shade of teal you can send it back and find a new one. If you haven’t ordered yet, get moving.

When finding the perfect dress, it is important to make sure your dress is different than everyone else’s. How embarrassing would it be if you showed up to prom with the same dress as the girl in your math class? Awkward. Going out of town or even shopping at small local boutiques will ensure that nightmare will never happen.

Alright ladies, in case you haven’t noticed, guys tend to wait until the last possible minute to order a tux or to even bother asking what color your dress is, so now is the time to start nagging. Make sure your guy orders his tux before all the good ones are taken. Face it, you want your date to be the one everyone talks about. Also, send him a picture of your dress so he knows what color he is looking for. Better yet, go with him to get it.

Being prepared for prom may take a lot of time, but it is worth it in the end. You’ll be thankful your dress didn’t arrive the day before prom in the wrong size or that you aren’t trying to be fabulous in the same dress as your best friend. Get ready because prom is closer than you think.


Ashley Quintela
Editor in Chief and Hitting the Runway Blogger