Feminine hygiene products should be readily available for students

Mooshoo Tran, News Editor

Schools have long brushed the feminine hygiene products of student’s under the carpet. People menstruate and products need to be available for them when they do, and it shouldn’t have to cost money.

Out of the five bathrooms available for student use, three of them have a feminine product dispenser. Out of those three, two of them fully function. All of them cost 25 cents per product.

Considering that menstruation is a natural body process, feminine hygiene products should be readily available and free for anyone who needs them. The health office has a multitude of products for free, but I know there are many people who would be uncomfortable asking for supplies. Not to mention, if the situation is urgent, it wouldn’t be ideal to walk to the health office with nothing but toilet paper on hand.

Students should be able to access these products in any restroom that’s available to them. I’ve had my fair share of emergencies and feel that these shouldn’t happen as often as they do. This is also an issue for any student who can’t afford to bring their own.

Schools should be able to provide for their students’ needs, academically and materially. Students shouldn’t have to sit in class while menstruating without access to feminine hygiene products.