Don’t let your hair fall flat on prom: Hitting the Runway


We are down to five weeks now. Prom is creeping up fast which means it’s time to start thinking about hair. That’s right, hair. Prom is not the day where all you have to do is throw your hair up in a messy bun or simply blow dry it. You need a game plan. Pick out your style and find a way to achieve your perfect prom look.

If you plan on doing your hair yourself, practice. You don’t want it to be the day of prom and have no idea how to do the perfect French twist. Practice before the big day. If you are making a hair appointment, make sure you are comfortable with the salon. Think back to previous hairdos you received from that particular place.

Hairstylist tend to book up fast on the day of prom, so make an appointment a few weeks before to ensure a spot.

Your hairstyle should depend on the type of dress you are wearing. If you are wearing a dress with blinged straps, refrain from wearing your hair down. This will clutter the look and make the cute straps not visible. Strapless dresses, however, are different. Any hairstyle looks nice with these.

When choosing a hairstyle, it is also important to keep setting in mind. Think of the weather that day and how much the wind will totally mess it up. Either try to park close to the ballroom or wear your hair in a way where the wind will not affect it as much. Also think of busting a move on the dance floor and getting all hot and sweaty. Do you really want clumps of hair sticking to your neck?

The style of your dress should help decide your hairstyle. Remember to think fast and call your favorite hairstylist and book a time. April 12 is right around the corner. Don’t be stuck with a ponytail on prom night.

Ashley Quintela
Editor in chief and Hitting the Runway Blogger