College World Series teams use BPS baseball fields for practice

Mia Fox and Beck Frazier

A common complaint about Nebraska or Omaha in general, is that there is nothing to do. By bringing the CWS to Omaha and Bellevue for more than 70 years, it has given people a national-stage activity that is far from boring.

Bill Richards, Director of Activities and Grounds, said that Bellevue East’s baseball field was used this summer because the college teams prefer practicing on grass fields to prepare for games. 

The other college teams that qualified also held practices on other facilities fields including, University of Omaha, Creighton University, Creighton Prep, and Abraham Lincoln High School. 

One thing that people may not know, however, is that the CWS allows the eight teams that make it to Omaha to hold practices that are open to the public.

When Texas A&M held their first off-site practice at Bellevue East on June 15, not only was it open to the public, it was free. Even though the practice was only for an hour and thirty minutes, a crowd of about 50-60 showed up to watch them. 

The team had an all-around practice that included batting, fielding, and pitching. They also had a team meeting in between drills on the pitcher’s mound. Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle joined the team in a huddle before continuing to refine their skills. 

The practice ended with a few players waving to fans and family members as they packed up their belongings and headed for the bus. These practices are a great opportunity for baseball fans in Bellevue to watch the best of college baseball away from the crowded streets of downtown.