Be a role model for the junior class: Senior Survivor



As a junior, you were forced to say a painful goodbye to the seniors ahead of you. Don’t forget how it felt to be left behind at the beginning of senior year. The hallways felt empty, your peers associated with new people, teachers didn’t look as cheerful. The start to a new year is always a big change so don’t disregard that as you prepare to leave your favorite juniors.

Give the juniors advice. Don’t graduate without warning younger peers about what is to come. Let them know that everything is going to be fine, and that with time being a senior will feel normal. The college application process is beyond stressful, so make sure to give advice as to how to stay organized and on top of things. Having some guidelines will calm the nerves of the future graduating class.

Spend quality time with the juniors. Don’t push yourself away from your younger friends just because you are leaving at the end of the summer. Make memories that will be hard to forget, such as going to the movies in a big group, or pool hopping in the summer. It is more rewarding to have friends who are sad to see you go, than having people who don’t care what happens to you.

Don’t forget to say goodbye. Summer has a tendency of pushing people apart. Before you leave for college make sure you visit the juniors you made connections with and tell them how much it meant to you to spend time with them. A lot changes within a school year and the person you leave may not be the same person who greets you when summer rolls around again.

Connections with the junior and senior classes happen every year, just as those bonds are forced to be broken every year. Don’t take the memories you made with those students for granted. Leave them with solid advice, memories, and a “see you later” rather than a “goodbye.”

 Chloe Brim
Features Editor and Senior Survivor Blogger