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Dangerous intersections cause concern


September 28, 2012

I never liked that intersection, and I had always been warned about how dangerous it was. Seconds before it happened, I even blurted out the words “I hate this intersection. There needs to be a light installed here,” as I turned ...

Socks and sandals should never mix: Hitting the Runway


September 12, 2012

Ashley Quintela’s blog, Hitting the Runway, brings you the trends and advice to be fashionable T-Bird. It is published every Wednesday.  Do you remember getting a lecture from your parents and they always said “If so...

Uniforms increase conformity rather than concentration


May 21, 2012

Commentary Editor/Website News Editor Hailey Stolze After being forced into Catholic school uniforms basically my entire life, I greatly appreciate my new freedom to express myself. Now that I go to a school without uniforms,...

Apple products take over


May 18, 2012

Reporter Kennedy Sharp In my lifetime I have always heard Apple has the best products. In my lifetime I have also noticed Apple taking over and making its way into people’s homes and pockets. Although I have had two iPods...

Chivalry a hard concept for guys to grasp


February 3, 2012

By Christine Hegarty In 2006, singer Nelly Furtado came out with a song, “Promiscuous”, and one of the most famous lyrics that was in that song was “Chivalry is dead, but you’re still kind of cute.” Although I do...

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