Saying goodbye to summer fashion: Hitting the Runway


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Saying goodbye to summer is always hard. No more tanning, though some people opt to getting sprayed orange, no more flip flops and no more tank tops or high waisted shorts. It’s the end of summer clothing, and the beginning of fall fashion.

As the seasons change, it becomes a bit more difficult to check off tanning on your todo list. Rather than laying outside for a good couple of hours, people resort to getting sprayed some shade of orange. Sometimes I think the purpose of getting a spray tan is not about looking good, but a contest to see who can look more like a citrus fruit.

Getting sprayed an unnatural color is not the only downside to fall. There are always those people who forget to pack away their sundresses and pull out their sweaters. Maybe it is just me, but when the weather changes so should the amount of clothing you wear. If the temperature is only in the mid-60s, maybe choosing a tank top is not the best option. I find it super annoying when people continue to sport shorts and tanks during the fall. Fall is a time for scarves and cardigans, not sundresses and camis.

Though season changes cause some confusion among people, one of my biggest pet peeves is when people wear boots with shorts. That statement screams, “I was so confused I just decided to wear all the seasons in one!” Seriously, watch the Weather Channel; it is not that hard.

I love the clothing in fall. There are just so many options. Maybe one day dress it up with a scarf matched with a quarter sleeved shirt and capris, and the next day play it comfy and cozy in some worn out jeans and your favorite hoodie.

Just to be clear, sundresses are not to be worn when the weather begins to cool, changing your skin color from neutral to traffic cone is not cute and sporting boots with shorts is not acceptable. The chillier the weather becomes, the more clothing is to be worn.

It is simple: summer is to tank top, as sweater is to fall. New season, new style.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor