Kid backpacks are a thing of the past: Hitting the Runway



One of my fondest memories of back to school shopping as a little kid was picking out my backpack. From Hello Kitty to Barbie, there was so much to choose from. Ahh, heaven. I also remember lugging in my blanket for nap time in kindergarten. Well, those times are over and it’s time to put those times behind us.

Sometimes I get confused as I walk the halls. I see Hello Kitty and Dora and I forget I’m in high school. When I see kid backpacks I automatically think people are out to get attention or are are slightly immature.

The reason I don’t understand kid backpacks is because of the huge age gap. Though I do not like Scooby-Doo backpacks, I understand that a little more because the characters are teenagers just like us. On the other hand, Dora is a little kid–not even close to our age.

Rather than having Dora on your back throughout the day, choose a nice pattern. Like always, floral is the perfect choice. A flowery backpack is stylish with an element of innocence and fun. If you’re not much of a flower person, go for a solid color. Perhaps a pastel color or even a vibrant teal. For boys, a typical plain backpack works just fine. Or if you want to stand out a bit more, try a patterned backpack such as stripes or plaid.

There is only one thing you need to know when it comes to blankets, leave them at home. You don’t want to have the reputation of being a “Blanket person.” I know that it is a tad chilly in school sometimes, but there is this new invention called “sweaters” that might just help. Invest in one. Also, blankets will cover up your cute outfit or even trip people while walking down the hallway. Nothing puts a downer on your day like someone falling down the stairs because you were too lazy to throw on a sweater.

I’m sorry to inform you that your childhood days are over. It’s time to get a trendy backpack, one without sparkles and a cheerful kittens. And remember blankets are for kindergarten and home, not school. Don’t think of it as leaving your childhood behind, but becoming a more fashionable you.

Ashley Quintela
Editor in Chief