Dress code changes provide opportunity for classier style: Hitting the Runway



It’s time to talk about a hot topic. Dress code. I know, I know, leggings are a must have in a girls wardrobe, v-necks are in, and short shorts are trending (I still don’t know why,) but think of it as a challenge. Having these new dress code rules established give you a chance to play around with clothing you don’t usually wear.

Every day at school there is always someone getting busted for wearing leggings or complaining about not being able to wear them the way they want. First of all, if you want to wear leggings wear them. Second of all, just make sure you have something covering your bottom. Leggings work with numerous articles of clothing, but one of my favorite ways to wear them is with a long shirt. It’s cute and it follows the dress code. Wear a long jean shirt with a pair of leggings. The fabrics will balance each other out and there is no way to get into trouble.

Another new rule of dress added to the school dress code are making sure v-necks aren’t too low. This should not be a new rule to any of you. In school or not, v-necks should never be too low. Try something new: rather than buying a v-neck, go for a scoop neck. These necklines cover up more than v-necks but are lower than crewnecks. It’s the best of both worlds.

Though the past two weeks have been scorching hot, that does not give you an excuse to wear the shortest shorts you own. Here’s an idea, don’t wear shorts. Not to mention it is absolutely freezing in the school anyway. Change it up a bit by wearing a skirt. There are so many different choices such as a high lows or maxi skirts. Both are appropriate and fashion forward.

Remember, it’s school so of course you need to be appropriate. Don’t complain about the dress code. One, because it’s annoying, and two, because there are other things to wear. Be creative and mix up your style.

Ashley Quintela
Editor-in-chief and Hitting the Runway blogger