Remember the weather



Though it is officially spring, it does not mean you can go without tights, wear tank tops, or pretend it is hot enough for flip flops or sandals. Yes, the weather does begin to warm up in the spring, but in case you haven’t noticed, it is still quite chilly outside.

Of course one of the latest spring trends are fun dresses, but it is not hot enough yet. If you feel the need to express your spring style do it in a way you will not get frostbite. I know, those cute dresses are tempting, so as long as you wear tights and a cardigan, you can avoid freezing while still dressing to impress.

Same goes for tank tops. Ladies, though stores are putting out their newest tanks resist the urge to wear them. Unless you plan on wearing a sweater over it, do not wear it. Not only will you be extremely cold, but you will also look like you are incapable of turning on the weather channel.

Besides not wearing tank tops and spring dresses, you should also not wear flip flops or sandals. You might think “Oh, I only have to walk from the house to my car, and the car to the school,” but you will definitely freeze your toes off. Why not save the cute shoes for when you won’t look ridiculous? A rule to always remember is if you have to wear a winter coat, gloves and a scarf, it is not yet warm enough for open toed shoes.

It all comes down to planning ahead and checking the forecast for the day. I promise you it is not that difficult to flip the channel to see the weather. Tank tops, spring dresses, and sandals are for nice spring weather, don’t rush mother nature because you will end up getting frostbite.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger