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Twin Creek Cinema undergoes significant changes


March 10, 2014

The Marcus Twin Creek Cinema, located at 3909 Raynor Pkwy in Bellevue, will be undergoing significant changes within the next couple of months. According to General Manager Brian Shander the theatre is spending several million...

“Her” points out society’s issues


January 14, 2014

Joaquin Phoenix and Scarlett Johansson take the big screen in “Her.” In a technology based society, Theodore (Phoenix) develops strong feelings for his computer system Samantha, voiced by Johansson. “Her” points out that...

Academy season brings attention to acclaimed classics: Movie Madness


January 10, 2014

Early March will see the annual return of the Oscar Academy Awards show, recognizing films that critics have deemed worthy of various categorized accolades such as Best Editing, Best Actor/Actress and Best Picture. While we must...

The week’s must-see classic stole Christmas: Movie Madness


December 21, 2013

Technically, the animated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” from 1966 is a TV short. This tv flick's got it all: compelling characters, a fun story and deeper moral impact than one would expect from a children's feature. Th...

Bond strikes again


November 15, 2012

Bond is back. 50 years of excellence and unable to disappoint. The newest member of the group, “Skyfall,” changed the view of the 007 agent but change is a good thing. The opening scene, like any other, stars a mission, a...

Horror movies appeal to teens


November 7, 2012

My heartbeat begins to thump harder and harder inside my chest, stomach dropping to the floor, the image on the screen seems to race toward me as my mind zooms in. Horror movies are created to make us feel these emotions and it...

The Coen Brothers: The best pair in Hollywood


March 14, 2012

By Chris Nelson I love movies. With that comes a great appreciation for the directors, the men (and occasionally women) who bring a story to life through reels and cameras, so I’ve always debated which director is my personal...

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