Best movies to watch in October

graphic by Gauret Stearns

graphic by Gauret Stearns

Tiffany Domingo, Reporter

October is the month to get spooked.  Haunted houses are just beginning to open up.  PSL’s are everywhere.  And let’s not forget the Halloween movies showing up on TV.

Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, Halloween

Jason, Freddy, and Michael.  What an iconic trio.  These three movies are a must in October.  The three psychopaths have several series in their franchise. It’s perfect to watch with your best friends or with your bae.

Halloweentown 1,2,3

Halloweentown is a Disney Channel classic, and it set-up everyone’s childhood. It’s about three siblings who run away to celebrate Halloween with their grandma.  Debbie Reynolds was basically everyone’s favorite grandmother.  This trilogy is perfect for a late night kickback and fuzzy Halloween socks.

Nightmare Before Christmas

No list of Halloween movies is complete without everyone’s favorite Tim Burton movie, Nightmare Before Christmas.  Jack Skelligton gets bored with his town’s holiday.  So when he stumbles upon Christmas town, he took it upon himself to take over Christmas. The movie was creepy and the right amount of scary to watch for the family.

The Conjuring

What’s more scary than a scary movie that’s based on true events?  The Conjuring takes place in the 70s where the Perron family moves into an already haunted looking house.  Spooky things starts happening around the household and they sought out the Warrens, who are paranormal investigators and demonologists, to get rid of their tormentors.  What they find is a living nightmare.  


Who you gonna call? How about three ghost scientists who started up a ghost-busting business to get rid of Manhattan’s ghost problems. They stumble upon a gateway that leads to a different dimension filled with all the spooky ghosts. It turns out ghosts aren’t as rare as people think.


Scream is one of those classics that you have to watch during Halloween season.  There is a killer on the loose, murdering teenagers.  A group of teenagers set out to find him, but will they all survive?