Bond strikes again


Bond is back. 50 years of excellence and unable to disappoint.

The newest member of the group, “Skyfall,” changed the view of the 007 agent but change is a good thing. The opening scene, like any other, stars a mission, a villain, and a girl. Daniel Craig continues his spectacular performance as James Bond.

A memorable part of the film was the theme song, sung by Adele. Her voice perfectly blended with Bond theme song provided a melody that plays in your head over and over again.

In each film, from “Live and Let Die” to “Die Another Day,” Bond set a consistent story line of falling in love with a girl who is in trouble with the wrong man. Bond then takes down the evil man and saves the girl sailing off into the sunset with the girl by his side. “Skyfall,” departs from other Bond films and did not feature a girl.

Another difference is Bond waits for Mr. Silver (Javier Bardem) to come to him instead of the pursuing him. M (Judi Dench) plays a vital role in “Skyfall.” Her roles in other Bond movies, though important, hardly compares to the performance she gave in “Skyfall.” A new member of the team, Q, brings to life a sarcastic and witty Bond.

The only downfall to the movies would be the lack of gadgets. The only two that were featured played a critical role but didn’t have the awe effect, although the return of the Bond Mobile was a pleasant surprise.

Overall the film was a success. Judging from the ending, it is safe to say there will be more Bond films in the works.

Linzy Heim
Website Photo Editor