Horror movies appeal to teens


My heartbeat begins to thump harder and harder inside my chest, stomach dropping to the floor, the image on the screen seems to race toward me as my mind zooms in.

Horror movies are created to make us feel these emotions and it seems that these movies are becoming increasingly popular with our generation.

Many high schoolers watch horror movies and eagerly await them coming out, but why? What’s the appeal in horror movies?

The real appeal to horror movies is the combination of the thrill of being scared and our fascination with the unknown: ghosts, zombies and vampires.

One horror movie that will keep you on the edge of your seat is “The Woman in Black”.  This film is about a single father named Arthur Kipps (played by Daniel Radcliffe), whose wife died delivering their son, Joseph.

When he gets one more chance to keep his job as a lawyer, he takes it. This job requires him to travel to a remote village and a mysterious house. This house is haunted by a shadowy figure called the woman in black, who, in revenge for her own son dying many years ago, begins leading children of the small town to their deaths.

“The Woman in Black” boasts typical scary movie sound effects, shadowy figures and faces appearing, mysterious deaths and poltergeist activity such as moving rocking chairs and doors. Despite its clichés, it still leads you to jump out of your seat.

Another horror film that I would suggest for our generation is “Dark Shadows”. “Dark Shadows” is a unique combination of a comedy and horror, based off a soap opera from the 1960’s and 70’s. This film probably won’t get you jumping out of your seat in fear, but it is an excellent, fun film, with just the right combination of seriousness and humor.

“Dark Shadows” begins in the year 1752, when the Collins family, including Barnabas, the main character (played by Johnny Depp)  travel across the ocean to the “New World,” or America.

Everything seems to be going well for Barnabas until he breaks the heart of Angelique, the servant who turns out to be a witch. She makes it her personal mission to destroy everyone Barnabas loves, and, as her grand finale, she curses him to be a vampire and buries him alive.

200 years later, Barnabas is freed from his grave into a world very different from where he once lived, where he meets the remains of the Collins family in his old home, Collinwood Mansion.

Even if you don’t like horror movies, I would definitely recommend this movie. Filled with humor, drama, romance and an abundance of mythological creatures, “Dark Shadows” is not a typical horror movie.

The thrill of the door mysteriously creaking open, the startled screams when a face pops out of nowhere and the simultaneous fear and fascination with the unknowns of ghosts and zombies are things that the teenage generation still loves.

With so many great horror movies like these for the thrill seekers and moviegoers alike, it seems doubtful that our love of horror films will die soon. I, for one, know that my love for horror movies is going to last a long time.

Megan Yanders