Twin Creek Cinema undergoes significant changes


The Marcus Twin Creek Cinema, located at 3909 Raynor Pkwy in Bellevue, will be undergoing significant changes within the next couple of months. According to General Manager Brian Shander the theatre is spending several million dollars on renovations, which are expected to be completed by Memorial Day.

The construction includes a complete renovation of both the inside and outside of the building. They’ll remove the existing seats and replace them with red electric recliners, according to Shander. Fresh handmade pizzas, sandwiches, appetizers and desserts will all be offered to viewers. Waiters will serve movie-goers like The Cinadine, according to Rush, however they will only serve before the previews.

“Right now we’re kind of in a giant training stage. We’re expecting a lot, a lot of people to show up the first few days,” theatre employee senior Tyler Smith said.

They’re also putting in a bar with a plasma screen TV, according to Smith. Theatre employee junior Allison Rush said this is the only aspect of the change she’s worried about.

“We’re going to have to deal with people drinking within the movies,” Rush said. “I don’t think it’s a good option since there’s a lot of kid movies that come out and I don’t think it’s a good environment.”

Currently Smith works in the concession stands, where he pops the popcorn and runs the cash register. He’s unsure what he’ll be doing after the renovation.

“The managers and supervisors can’t really watch over the employees anymore so if you need help you’re going to have to know what to do and how to handle it,” Smith said.

Shander said the theatre will be hiring several people after the renovations.

“It should be a nice economic stimulus for the community,” Shander said.

However, Rush is concerned about the aftereffects of having more employees.

“We won’t be as close as a theatre staff because it’s going to be doubled,” Rush said.

Shander believes this renovation will improve business, as he said the industry is trending toward complete entertainment.

“They’ll have more options. They’ll be able to come to the theatre and enjoy a one-stop-shop for dining, for entertainment,” Shander said. “All at a reasonable price.”

Tickets will remain the same price, according to Shander, and $5 Tuesdays will stay.

Senior Jay Laravie said she currently sees movies at a similar movie theatre downtown. She’s excited for the change, and — more specifically — the reclining chairs.

“There’s not much to do in Bellevue,” Laravie said. “The fact that they’re redoing it is awesome. It’ll be fun.”

Freshman Kaeden Strawmier’s church South Ridge meets in the theatre eight every Sunday. During the renovation the group plans to meet in Bellevue West’s auditorium. As he lives close to school, he’s not worried about the change of location.

“I think it’ll be pretty cool. I like the way they’re going to remodel it,” Strawmier said.

Hailey Stolze
Editor in Chief