Avoid style contradictions: Hitting the Runway



Throughout the school day many different styles are seen. There are those students who dress for comfort with yoga pants, a hoodie and a messy bun to match, and those who dress to impress with skirts and dresses. Then you have those students who try to put them all in one.

You know how when you go into a store and the dresses and nice blouses are on one side, then the hoodies and t-shirts are on the other? Well there’s a reason. It’s to try to keep the styles separate on and off the hanger.

Whenever you decide to wear a tube skirt, try not to wear a pullover hoodie. Hoodies are something you wear over a t-shirt, not a nice shirt that complements your fancy clothing. There are other options for when you are getting the chills, so choose wisely.

I don’t care if the temperature feels like the frozen tundra: you should never, ever wear comfy and casual with dressy articles of clothing. You will look as if you need the help of Stacy and Clinton from What Not to Wear.

And on a related note: avoid wearing tennis shoes with skirts. Seriously, do you plan on going for a jog after coming off the runway? It needs to stop. Just for future reference, Nike and Forever 21 will never be friends.

If you plan on wearing a skirt, make sure you have a nice cardigan, or just suffer through the cold, and unless you plan on sprinting through the runway, wear suitable shoes.

 Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger