Getting ready for prom: Senior Survivor


This is the final dress or tuxedo that will be stressed over for months before the actual dance. Senior prom is a night many high schoolers look forward to experiencing. The final hair appointment, dress or suit fitting, all leading up to the final dance with the senior class. Here are some fun things to try to make the senior prom experience something to remember:

Try on every suit and dress in the store: Go to a store and try on as many suits or dresses as possible. From the crazy orange and camo suits to the 80’s styled dresses, have a little fun before getting stressed out about an outfit.

Prank a date: Nobody wants a boring prom date, find a funny prank to spice things up. Tag your date’s car, or put cute anonymous notes in their locker. Finding a way to make your date excited about prom night will make the dance much more enjoyable.

Go out to eat somewhere memorable: Why follow the awkward and fancy restaurant ordeal? Go eat somewhere that means something to you. If your favorite food is Chinese, go get a bunch of Chinese on prom night. That way, when someone asks you where you ate on prom night you can actually pronounce the name.

Do every activity at after prom: Being stuck in the school with your prom date for six to seven hours has the potential to get boring. Set a goal, and do every single game and bounce house at after prom. You might have fun with activities you wouldn’t have even thought about doing.

Senior prom is the final dance you will share with your classmates. After seven dances, it is time to spice up the eighth. Make your last prom unique, and don’t forget to stuff your face with Chinese food.

 Chloe Brim
Features Editor and Senior Survivor Blogger