Nick’s five day beard is not “Dynasty” worthy: Weekly Resolutions


This Weekly Resolution was a cake walk. I could go days without shaving, I could probably go weeks. I decided the resolve from shaving to get serious about my sacrifices. I wanted to start with something I know I could sacrifice to get myself prepared for the serious resolutions to come.

The only bad part of not shaving is itchiness around my face and the scruffy, shaggy appearance. As a man, I can survive with both.

Some men feel like they must shave every single morning. That’s not me. And some men like to be cleanly cut to impress girls. Also, not me. Every male celebrity has rocked the short beard or sometime or another, like Brad Pitt and Adam Levine, and they can pull it off.

However, I couldn’t go too long without shaving. The Duck Dynasty style is not my thing.

If my resolution went on for a month or so, I would have to call it quits. If I still had my old job I would again have to end my task because they required employees to be cleanly shaven.

Nobody said anything but I wasn’t really expecting a reaction from anyone because shaving is a small feature that not a lot of people notice. I’m glad I didn’t have a job interview this week because they would have tossed me out onto the street.

Four days of not shaving is nothing for me. Maybe I was too easy on myself this week. I’m definitely prepared for some real sacrifices to come.

 Nick Wilkinson 
Sports Editor and Weekly Resolutions Blogger