Motivation key to successful senior paper: Senior Survivor


Second semester hits and the only thing on every senior’s mind is graduation. Unfortunately, there are a lot of responsibilities seniors have to take on before they can wear the bright purple cap and gown.

One responsibility second semester throws at the seniors is the senior paper. Accomplishing the senior paper doesn’t have to be a difficult task it just requires focus, motivation and heart.

After shrugging off most of senior year it may be difficult finding a way to focus on one last research paper. Whether it requires hiding behind locked doors with no distractions, or blasting music for inspiration, finding a way to focus will be the key to finishing the senior paper.

Motivation for writing the senior paper is simple. Graduation. If throwing a graduation cap in the air with a diploma in hand sounds appealing, that should be motivation enough. If a student has no motivation for doing something it simply won’t get done so find a reason to be motivated.

The senior paper is the last research paper students will ever have to do for Bellevue West. Put heart into what is written, and make it something to be proud of. That seal of approval will be well worth it in the end.

Second semester is when “Senioritis” will hit every single senior. Push through the final research paper so that the air will feel a little lighter around graduation time.



Chloe Brim
Features Editor and Senior Survivor Blogger