Make use of breaks: Senior Survivor


Christmas is approaching, and that means extra days of sleeping in, eating a lot, hanging out with friends and completely forgetting about school… not. Just because it’s senior year doesn’t mean breaks are for slacking. The slackers won’t have the drive to finish out the school year after long breaks. There are a few simple steps to making good use of a long break, while still being able to enjoy time away from school.

The first step is getting all assignments done before break, or within the first day off. If assignments are put off until the day before school starts again, they won’t get completed. Avoid worrying about homework every morning while saying, “I should really do my homework.” Before plans are made and the family comes into town, simply get homework completed so the rest of break can be relaxed and enjoyable.

The second step is be productive and spend quality time with family. While the 25 days of Christmas is playing on the television, help mom prepare food in the kitchen. As college approaches next year, there may not be opportunities to hang out with family as there is right now. Instead of playing video games and falling asleep on the couch, go out to a hockey game with the family, or even have a game night.

The third step is to put effort into activities that benefit the future such as applying for college, scholarships, or looking over material for the ACT. High school can be overwhelming at times, and it becomes difficult to keep up with college deadlines. Now would be a great time to work on essays, research scholarships on websites such as, and schedule campus visits. Doing things over break to better the future will be more beneficial than watching The Walking Dead.

Slacking over break will result in major regret as Monday rolls along. Yes, Monday will come eventually. Be productive, enjoy family time and prepare for a successful future with the time off. Senior year is halfway over after all, don’t become lazy just yet.

Chloe Brim
Features Editor and Senior Survivor Blogger