How to holiday feast the right way: Healthy Habits


As everyone knows Thanksgiving is almost here. It’s traditionally a time to stuff your face until the buttons on your jeans burst and fly through the air like shrapnel. Family and friends all come together with loads of food too tempting to resist on any given day…and it usually ends in heartburn or being bloated.

Have no fear! Here are some ways to avoid holiday havoc on your health.

1. Limit yourself. I know that giant pot of mashed potatoes have been beckoning to you all day, but settle for about a half cup. Creamed corn is delicious even though the butter content basically wipes out all the nutritional value. Whenever you mix it with every other food group it’s hard to see how much you’re actually consuming. Portion out bits of your meal separately. Take a look at your plate–if it looks like it won’t fit in your stomach you’ve gone overboard.

2. Don’t go in for seconds. You’ve already eaten an entire plate of fatty, starchy, colorless food. Why do you need more? Stop yourself and give your body time to recognize how full you are. This takes 20 to 30 minutes.

3. Eat slowly. When you shovel your food in, your body doesn’t have a chance catch up. Taste your food and enjoy it. This is, after all, one of the few days it’s okay to eat all of this food at one time.

4. Move around after your meal. Laying down directly after the feast to watch football definitely isn’t the ideal way to burn off the mass amounts of calories you’ve just consumed. Help clean the dishes or walk around to visit your family and friends. This will help bloating and the feeling of regret.

5. Eat that pie! Don’t restrict yourself when everyone around you is indulging in that pumpkin-y deliciousness. The key is to follow the rules stated above.

Don’t deprive yourself of the food set before you. Enjoy every last bit of your meal and stop yourself before it’s too late.

 Katie Allen
Reporter and Heathy Habits Blogger