Resist the call of the wild: Hitting the Runway



If you have learned anything from my blogs I hope it is that you should dress according to the event you are attending. For instance, you should only wear camo when necessary. Lately I noticed that camouflage is trending. I just don’t understand why.

Camo was not meant to be worn on a daily basis. This style was intended to be worn when hunting or doing other outdoor activities. There is really no reason to wear it in school or while hanging out at the mall with friends. The purpose of Camo is to blend in to your surrounding. Sorry to tell you, when you wear camo in school you don’t blend in much. Avoid wearing it other than outdoorsy activities.

When it is appropriate, there are cute ways to wear it. For girls, they now sell pink accented camo. This will add a little flair when you’re out exploring the woods or hunting you’re Thanksgiving turkey. Pink is not the only color that can accent your style. They sell camo in a variety of colors such as green and blue if pink just isn’t your thing.

As long as you are wearing camo for the right reason, have at it. Refrain from wearing it anywhere except the outdoors. Do you really want to resemble a pile of leaves during the school day? I didn’t think so.

 Ashley Quintela
Editor in Chief and Hitting the Runway Blogger