Silence is not always golden: Weekly Resolutions


Well, it’s safe to say this week’s sacrifice didn’t pan out. I thought going a day without talking would be easy. I mean think about it, you see kids in class never make a sound. Unfortunately, I’m not like any of those kids. I have to talk.

I made it out of the house flawlessly, mainly because no one else was awake. The struggle really began when I approached the cafeteria table where I eat my breakfast every morning. Once they noticed I wasn’t responding to them on purpose, they pressed for my response. However, I held my words back and made it through breakfast.

My original plan was to plug in headphones and tune out the world and avoid conversation, but what can I say? I cracked.

The badgering seemed endless. All my friends kept saying “Hey, Nick.”

I tried to ignore the dozens of remarks on why I was acting so weird. And at first I did ignore it. But the constant conversation led to my defeat. If they wouldn’t have repeatedly said my name, I would have made it.

So after the round one loss, I tried silence again. The intriguing topic and the lack of headphones put me down again. I love giving my input when I have a great idea. I can’t imagine how the quiet kids can keep so quiet in conversation chaos.

What I learned from my sacrifice this week is that I’m not a quiet guy. I am meant to talk. A person is supposed to use their voice to help others out with problems, give ideas and waste the time away.

I also began to think, maybe I talk too much. If I can’t stay quiet for one hour, maybe there is something wrong with me. Or maybe I’m just annoying.

With the little silence I had, I experienced serious personal evaluation. Being mentally alone helped me forget all the stresses of the world.

However, I would definitely get kicked out of Monk school.

Nick Wilkinson
Sports Editor and Weekly Resolution Blogger