Avoiding drama creates a peaceful senior year: Senior Survivor


Senior year is not only filled with homework and college deadlines, it is filled with pressure from peers as well. Drama tends to unfold more frequently between friends or maybe just becomes more noticeable as students go through their final year.

As mean girl Regina George would say, “I know she’s kind of socially awkward and weird, but she’s my friend . . . so, just promise me you won’t make fun of her!” If this kind of behavior sounds familiar, it’s time to make a change. Surviving senior year is all about taking the initiative to be an individual, rather than encouraging the immaturity of others.

The first step to avoiding drama is to avoid the gossip. Gossip tends to lead to drama, which will drag people down to the depths of the high school food chain. There are over 1,600 students at Bellevue West, and each person is bound to have an opinion. Rumors turn into questions that turn into false accusations. Rather than playing into the drama of others, it’s better to just ignore it.

The second step in rising above high school drama is to get rid of bad friends. There may be situations where the nicest person in the world is surrounded by a group of negative people, trapped by the desire to fit in. Fitting in will not matter as soon as a diploma is in hand, and good memories will remain if bad friends are removed from the equation. If there has to be constant drama in order to be included in a popularity contest, walk away from it without a second glance.

The third step in creating a better high school experience is to avoid starting drama. Senior year is full of stresses involving time consuming jobs, selfish friends and even mountains of homework that are bound to make life frustrating every once in a while. Taking a good perspective on the bad days will help rise above personal frustration. The result will be the ability to avoid causing drama with others. If a goal is set to avoid drama, avoid causing drama as well.

People will run their mouths with unnecessary and false comments, they will manipulate others into being someone they are not, someone will be a friend one day and an enemy the next. And for what purpose? There is no point to drama, but there is a point in having a successful senior year of high school. Face the immaturity with a smile, and sincerely enjoy the final months of high school while others suffer from their negativity.

Chloe Brim
Features Editor and Senior Survivor Blogger