Lace up shoes, not pants



Don’t you just hate it when your pants fall down? You know, when you walking the halls and all of a sudden you have to do that awkward little hop to pull your jeans up? Well, I have the perfect solution: belts. I’m not talking about shoe strings, yarn or extension cords (yes, all of these have been done before), but regular old fashioned belts. I find it sad I have to address this issue.

First of all, it’s not that difficult to buy a belt. Wearing shoe strings as a belt wouldn’t help anyway. Shoe strings are thin and not that strong, I can’t imagine them being any kind of assistance. It also looks trashy. You don’t want to look as if you don’t know the proper place for your shoelaces. Keep them on your feet and off your waste.

Yarn is just as bad. Seriously, you can’t wear that as a belt. Yarn is for knitting and crafts. Walking around with string tied around your waist just looks silly and makes it seem as though you were heavily medicated when getting ready in the morning.

Though shoelaces and yarn are horrific belt choice, they are not as bad as extension cords. I’m not kidding, this has actually happened. I don’t care how desperate you are to keep your pants up, never resort to this. Hold them up all day if you have to. For one thing, extension cords are bulky and difficult to lug around. All it would do is add weight to your pants, worsening the problem.

Belts are everywhere. Go get one. The tacky approach never works. When choosing your outfit for the day it is important to remember to keep your pants pulled up, but also remember yarn is for knitting, shoelaces are for shoes and extension cords are for outlets.

Ashley Quintela
Editor in Chief and Hitting the Runway blogger