Dress for success



Now that summer is right around the corner, students are hunting for a job to make a little extra money. In most cases flaunting the laid back, ripped jean shorts, hair tied up in a messy bun look is good, but when it comes to getting a job, these are not acceptable.


When you get an interview, pull together the right outfit. Remember not to wear loud pieces of clothing. The simpler the print, the more official you will look. I know, it’s summer and there are so many flashy patterns to wear, but it the end it will make the employer think of you as a little on the wild side. Though you may only be wearing a simple color, don’t be afraid to show your personality with fun accessories.


For guys, a simple but polished look is a simple polo paired with khakis. For girls, a solid color button up blouse is the way to go. Wear this blouse with some black slacks.


Though one of the most popular looks of our generation is the messy look, avoid going into your interview with a messy bun and ripped clothing. Sure, for a day in the sun with friends this is perfect, but for a working environment, this is highly inappropriate. Wear clothing without holes. Also, if you are going to pull your hair back, do not just throw it up in a messy bun. Secure the loose pieces for a finished look.


If you want a job, you have to dress accordingly. Anything you would wear to a party, do not wear to an interview. One day without your flashy style is worth having a job for summer.


After all, the more money you make, the more clothes you can buy.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger