Start your Spring fresh


After a long cold winter, the arrival of Spring couldn’t come any faster and as it gets closer people look for new and fresh ways to start the new season off right.

A good place to start is the closet. Because the weather is going to start getting warmer, you can shed the bulky sweaters and winter coats to start wearing lighter clothes such as t-shirts and sweatshirts and fewer layers. You can also trade your tennis shoes for flip flops giving your wardrobe the fresh kick it needs to begin the new season.

Another common trend that starts every spring is changing of the hair — girls especially. Something about a fresh new hair-do feels good and makes you feel like a brand new you. You can go short, light, dark or add layers. Whichever you decide on, changing things up is good and when better to do it, the spring.

Starting your spring with a fresh start isn’t limited to appearance, it can also be how you feel and act. You can change your attitude toward things to make you days better, and that will make the new season feel great. For example, go into everything you do with an open mind. Don’t be quick to judge others and be nice to those around you. Whether you believe it or not, what goes around comes back around.

Spring cleaning is another great way and also very popular. Something about the changing weather gives people the sudden urge to start having garage sales to get rid of excess junk and make yards look nice. Cleaning up those cluttered and messy rooms will not only look good, but will feel good too. Nothing is better than a fresh smelling clean house and yard.

A lot of people look to food for answers. Changing your eating habits to mainly fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods, can be a great way to start off the season. You will look and feel better. If you’re feeling better, the season will feel great to you because overall you feel happier.

So when spring does roll around, keep these things in mind and you will look great and feel great about the new season.

Holly Clauson