Picking out the perfect prom dress: Hitting the Runway


Now that the crazy holiday chaos is over, it’s time to seriously start considering what to wear to prom. From the perfect prom dress to the matching clutch, you will surely be a hit. If you’re planning on attending prom, do your best to dress to impress.

Those of you that are more into an edgy look, don’t be afraid to express your style. Picking out the perfect dress is fun. There are so many choices. From sparkles to an elegant long black dress you will be sure to turn heads.

Most of the time sparkles are way overdone, but proms are an exception. It just isn’t complete without a little glitz and glam. Wearing a dress coated in sparkles expresses your excitement for the event of the year. While choosing the dress, keep in mind the setting you will be in. Prom is all about dressing sophisticated and showing off the styles you love.
If sparkles aren’t your thing, try a dress that is flattering and definitely in. You can never go wrong with a simple black dress, but if simple isn’t really your thing, throw in a little twist. From feathers to shimmering jewels, the possibilities are endless. On prom dress websites there is almost always a category for the color black. Most people choose bright colors to stand out, but never underestimate simple colors. Not only does black flatter any body type, but it is also very chic.
Along with dresses come clutches. While walking around in a stylish dress, you don’t want to be carrying a wallet and a cell phone do you? And you most definitely don’t want to throw your belongings in just any bag. It is important that your purse or clutch complements your outfit. Try to keep the bag small. You want to be seen, not show off what you are lugging around. As long as the colors and the size are appropriate, you will be on your way to a stunning look.
Going to prom is about being surrounded with friends and dancing, but it is also a time to wear eye catching dresses. As the party is put into full swing, be caught in a fun dress that no one will forget.
Ashley Quintela
Hitting the Runway Blogger and West Wind Features Editor