No cheers for see-through sheer: Hitting the Runway



It’s that time of year again to pack up the short sleeve shirts, and go on a hunt for the latest winter fashions. This year, button-up sheer blouses are big. You can find these in almost every clothing store, especially stores such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal and even Target.

Though this is the happening trend for the season, people tend to overlook one thing. The shirts are indeed see-through, which means wearing a tank top or cami underneath is probably a good idea. When girls wear sheer blouses without anything under the shirt, it looks trashy. Nobody wants to see what you have. Keep it classy by wearing a tank.

Not only will the tank make you look not cheap, it will also accent the outfit. One of my favorite trends is when people wear a sheer, plain colored blouse, and jazz it up with a fun tank underneath. That shirt you have been dying to show off to your friends at school, but couldn’t find anything to wear under it, can finally be worn.

Don’t be afraid to try bold patterns to make that ordinary shirt pop. Experiment with different patterns like a loud floral print, an adventurous animal print, or perhaps a crazy zig zag pattern.

As long as you don’t risk a promiscuous look by wearing only a sheer blouse, you will be looking magnificent this winter.