Keep scarves classy: Hitting the Runway



Like I’ve said before, fall is a great time for fashion. My favorite trend is scarves. Though  this is a cute way to be fashion forward and cozy, some over do it. Just because a scarf is adorable, does not mean it can be worn with anything.

In my past blogs, you’ve learned to not mix casual dress wear with a happening trend. Because wearing scarves is definitely in, people tend to try to make it cute with every outfit. The first thing you should remember, is to never wear a scarf with the kind of tee shirt you would get from the East vs. West basketball game. That kind of shirt should not be accessorized.

If you want to wear a cute scarf, make sure it matching the kind of outfit you are wearing. On days when you are just wearing a plain v-neck tee shirt and some jeans, jazz it up with a colorful scarf to make your outfit pop.

As long as you keep in mind what you are wearing your scarf with, there should be no problem. Just remember, on down days, don’t try to pull off wearing a scarf. Don’t be afraid to buy a crazy scarf because it will always make a dull outfit look spiffy.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger