Everybody should own a pair of non-fuzzy boots: Hitting the Runway












It’s that time of year where you break out your boot.

There are so many options when it comes to boots. From Uggs to ankle boots, the choices are endless. Though wearing boots is a great statement, it can also turn into a nightmare if they are not worn right.

Different boots are to be paired with different outfits. Wearing your brown Bear Paws with a dress is not acceptable. Boots such as Bear Paw, and any other bulky boot look good with jeans–maybe sweats–and absolutely nothing else.

Lately I’ve been seeing been seeing very furry boots. Now, these boots do not compliment anything. Not only are they the most random shoes I have ever laid eyes on, but they take away from whatever outfit you are wearing. If you wear are wearing very loud and vibrant shoes, make sure you outfit is not too busy. For instances, don’t go with a crazy and daring print if your shoes are also wild. You may be wearing a cute shirt but nobody will notice because of the giant cotton balls attached to your feet. If you are from Where the Wild Things are these boots might be a good choice.

I am a big fan of ankle boots. These shoes are cute without going over the top. Everybody should have a pair. These are the cutest with jeans. Even if you are just playing it comfy, don’t hesitate to reach for a pair these!

Most of the time boots are a good thing. As long as you don’t try to wear bulky boots with skirts or dresses, and you don’t transform into a beast by wearing fuzzy boots, you are good to go.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger