Leave your slippers at home: Hitting the Runway


So far, this blog has taught you that floral print is a good thing, socks and sandals are never to be combined, and if you wear a skirt you should not be sporting tennis shoes. Today it is time to talk about sleepwear in public.

Different articles of clothing should be worn according to time. For instance, if it is one in the afternoon and you are in school, you should not be wearing pajama pants. That goes for you slipper fanatics as well.

Pajama pants are used for many reasons – maybe you go to a sleepover and want to show off your new pink and white polka dotted pants, you are sick in bed and just want to feel comfort, or you are just tired of those tight skinny jeans and you are just ready for some elastic. Notice one common thing about the previous reasons: they are all done in private.

People often say “Oh, I didn’t feel good so I just threw these on and came to school.” Even cases like that are not acceptable. If anything, on rushed or “not feeling so well” mornings, reach for some yoga pants, or even some cute sweats you purchased at PINK.

When people wear their pajamas to school the whole look screams messy. There are so many options out there to be comfortable, but still people resort to this. Put on a hoodie and some sweats and rock the laid back look for a day.

Along with that, wearing slippers are not a good route to go either. I get it if you want to wear footwear that is easy on the foot, but come on, slippers? Everyday, people complain about how bad their feet hurt. Well ever heard of ballet flats? In order to be comfortable, wearing your sock monkey slip ons is not the only choice you have. Ballet flats are shoes that have no support whatsoever (much like the slipper,) but are also comforting and stylish at the same time, (unlike the slipper.) Seriously, make an investment.

On the morning where getting out of bed seems like the hardest task you will ever complete, do not look in the mirror and call it good, because, well, it is not good. The messy look maybe in right now, but slippers and pajama pants are not, and will never be trending.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger