Ladies- keep formals classy by having longer hemlines: Homecoming dress review


Graphic by Web / West Wind Commentary Editor Hailey Stolze

Homecoming is a time to dress nice. At homecoming there were nice classy dresses chosen, but some decided on a more promiscuous look. Ladies, it is possible to buy a Homecoming dress that does not expose too much.  It’s not just homecoming where girls find an excuse to dress revealing, it’s everyday.

I liked the dresses that were puffy, but not not so puffy they looked like a giant dancing marshmallow. The huge dresses with an excess amount of tool remind me of a fairy. Unless you are going to leave money under my pillow with a magic wand, don’t bother wearing it.

I also loved the dresses that were one shouldered. It added edge to some of the simplest dresses. I am also a fan of necklines actual cover the area, rather than having the least amount of coverage. Sorry, You’re not Jennifer Lopez, keep it covered.

Another thing I can’t stand is short dresses. When people say wear short dresses to homecoming, they don’t mean make sure your dress covers the bare minimum. Not to mention how uncomfortable? How can you bust a move in something so tiny that even the smallest shake could be a result of complete humiliation?

All I can say is I’m glad prom is a long dress event because I don’t think I can handle the horrible dresses anymore.

Ashley Quintela
West Wind Features Editor and Hitting the Runway Blogger