Apple products take over


Reporter Kennedy Sharp

In my lifetime I have always heard Apple has the best products. In my lifetime I have also noticed Apple taking over and making its way into people’s homes and pockets.

Although I have had two iPods in the past and currently an iPhone 4S, I can’t help but see something wrong with one company having so much power. It’s common for companies to compete with each other, but there is almost no competing with Apple.

Some companies and products may barely affect Apple, Apple has highly anticipated products and of course, a massive money intake.

I remember seeing the 1998 iMacs in my Colorado computer lab during my early years of elementary school. Now as a sophomore, I work with much newer versions of the iMac everyday.

In my 16 years on this Earth, Apple has released so many different versions of products. Sometimes the products seem to actually be not much different than before, just simply a more new and expensive version, creating planned obsolescence.

Computers, iPods, iPhones and iPads are some of Apple’s main products. All of these products are constantly change, prices increase and the products become better versions of themselves.

Once someone buys a super expensive Apple product, Apple releases a different version a couple months later.

But what are truly the differences between the newer versions of Apple products? An example is the iPhone, the versions come out one after the other, only becoming more modernized and pertaining some new features, such as Siri or the double camera.

Just like in a real-life scenario, it’s typically seen as unfair for one person to be in power and have all the success. Apple’s success hurts other companies trying to sell phones, computers and other similar products.

The constant advancement in technology is already insane, but Apple seems to spark a number of these advancements. When a new iPad is released another company makes a versions of it and sells it shortly after Apple’s is released.

Without anybody pointing the pattern out to me, I have often noticed it. An iPhone is released, then another company releases a similar phone but with their brand name. The same pattern occurs for iPods and computers.

Although Apple seems to run the market, other companies still seem to get by but with not as much success and recognition as Apple. Companies such as Samsung, Amazon, Blackberry, and Facebook compete with Apple and have not obviously gone under because of Apple. But these companies will never reach the peak of success like Apple has, unless somehow Apple’s success is lessened, giving other companies a chance to rise above.