A little goes a long way with hair color: Hitting the Runway



A lot goes into your day-to-day look, and clothing is not the only major factor. Hair color is becoming more and more vibrant. Some people do it to “stand out” and others just get bored with the average hair color. The key to coloring your hair is to not go overboard. They say “Dare to be different,” but when it comes to hair, don’t get too crazy.

Sometimes a pop of color is fun. For instance, a peek-a-boo hair coloring is cute, and not too over the top. This is when you color a strip of hair a completely different than your natural hair color. Most people choose a vibrant color such as blond (for those with dark hair,) black (for those with blond hair,) or even a vibrant color such as purple. This is a nice surprise when you wear your hair up. It’s definitely not over the top since it is just a small section, and it shows off your edgy style.

Another hair dye do is dying the whole underneath of your hair a different color. This isn’t meant for bright colors. I like this look when blonds dye the underneath of their hair black, or vice versa. Another color that could work would be a dark or navy blue because it is close to black, but in the light the color will show.

Though in some cases this is cute, other times it is just overbearing. With all the new do-it-yourself hair dyes being introduced people are going to a little crazy. Whatever you do, don’t dye your whole head a bold color such as purple or pink. First of all if you color all your hair an obnoxious color it won’t match your outfit. Not only that, constantly dying your hair is not good. Constant hair dye application can result in hair looking fried and unhealthy.

If you choose to be different, make sure it isn’t going to make you look like a rainbow. Remember that a little goes a long way. Try a peek-a-boo or just the underneath of your hair to convey a creative and spunky style.

Ashley Quintela
Hitting the Runway Blogger and West Wind Features Editor