Look adorable from head to toe, not just your head: Hitting the Runway



Every day you wake up and decide to either play it up with the latest trends, or dress down while looking cute and comfy. Though it can be a difficult decision to make as you wipe the sleep from your eyes and crave your morning coffee, don’t choose a mixture of both. If you are going to play it cute, yet casual, do it all out, if you are not, don’t try to get dolled up while in sweats.

If you plan on wearing sweats to school, don’t bother curling your hair. This just makes people confused. You are either going to dress to impress, or you’re not, the choice is simple. There is no point in having your hair all fancy if you outfit does not match. Why not save the cute hair for a cute outfit?

Your hairstyle must match your style of the day. If you are sporting a hoodie, leave your hair natural, whether it be curly or straight, or pull it up in a messy ponytail or a wispy bun. If you plan on curling your hair, make sure the outfit is worthy. Perhaps you bought a new button up sweater–this would be the perfect opportunity to curl your hair.
One of my favorite looks are wispy buns. Though this can work with multiple items of clothing, it looks cutest with a big pull over sweater. To jazz up the bun, you could tie a ribbon around it and form a bow. Not only will this make your little bun pop, but it will make your cozy oversized sweater look even more fashion forward.

You want to look adorable from head to toe, not just your head, and not just from the shoulders down. When the style of your hair does not go with what you are wearing, your look will not look well thought out and messy. When picking out an outfit in the mornings, people tend to overlook the hair that should be paired with it.

Ashley Quintela
Hitting the Runway Blogger and West Wind Features Editor