Thunderbeat Close Up S2:E6: Humans of High School



Joe, the Custodian
“This is the washing machine we use to clean all the football uniforms.” –Joe, the Custodian
Kevin Rohlfs, Principal
“My door is always open for students, staff, families, and being open it allows for great conversations.” –Kevin Rohlfs, Principal
Melissa Minaha, Counselor
“I love the taste of a great coffee, and I enjoy drinking it though out the morning. It’s become a social activity , and now there is so many options out there.” –Melissa Minahan, Counselor
Kellie Hooker-Pricht, Cafeteria Manager
“Making sure everyone has the same food choices in first lunch as they do fourth lunch is important.” –Kellie Hooker-Picht, Cafeteria Manager
Guy Hale, ROTC
“It keeps me hydrated and I consistently refill it and I have it every day.” –Guy Hale, ROTC