Thunderbeat Close Up S2:E30: Humans of High School


Diana Bonilla, 11
“My fan keeps me cool on hot days, and I love the detailed flowers on it.” –Diana Bonilla, 11


Courtney Thomas, 11
“I used to wear my ‘Blues Clues’ charm on my jackets everywhere I went when I was a child, and now I carry her on my book bag everywhere I go.” –Courtney Thomas, 11


Koral Myers, 11
“It’s special to me because it reminds me of freedom and its just fun.” – Koral Myers, 11


Angela Leach, 10
“I like the quote on my book mark and that’s why I got it” –Angela Leach, 10


Isaiah Hazzard, 10
“They help me to see during the day, and without them I can’t see anything.” –Isaiah Hazzard, 10