Thunderbeat Close Up S2:E32: Humans of High School

Hannah Swirczek

“The rings on my fingers are from my grandma who sadly passed away and they remind me of her” – Hannah Swirczek (12)


--Micah Davis
“My snapchat is full of all the people that I enjoy talking to and interacting with.” –Micah Davis (12)
Kaeden Strawmier
“This is my dog, Skunk, and I got him last year and I love him.” –Kaeden Strawmier (12)
--Jake Knapp
“This book bag is a replacement form getting my bag stolen out of my car in front of Walmart” –Jake Knapp (12)


“This is me and my boyfriend on my screensaver so the first thing I see is his face” –Sharon Volmer (11)