New Publication Staffs Announced


by Admin

This afternoon, the Bellevue West Publications advisers named their staffs for the 2012-2013 school year.

Editors-in-Chief: Candi Bolden and James Teutschmann
News Editor: Bri Thomas
Photography Editor/Website Photo Editor: Allison Duncan
Commentary Editor/Website News Editor: Hailey Stolze
Sports Editor: Nick Wilkinson
Features Editor: Ashley Quintela
Entertainment Editor: Jason Wisenbaker
Reporters: Chloe Brim, Holly Clauson, Stephanie Henry, Nayeli Hernandez, Sidney Marks, Christie McClure, Megan Yanders
Photographers: Zach Miller, Keegan Strawmier

Editors-in-Chief: Kate Radosta and Morgan Schaefer
Theme Editor: Taylor Kuhlman
Index Editors/Business Managers: Matt Harris and Tessa Perez
Student Life and People Editor: Katie Begley
Academics and Athletics Editor: Nicole McElroy
Sports and Dedications Editor: Katie Green
Photography Editor: Courtney Swift
Page Designers/Reporters: Linzy Heim, Serena Cowgill, Taylyn Fischer, Hailey Stolze, Ashley Quintela
Photographers: Keegan Strawmier, Emily Romero, Kelsi Smith, Kyle Malone

Directors: Morgan Stough (Website content) and Hanna Gullach
Producer: Erica Dalen
Production Editors: Tessa Perez and Aimee Hunter
Filmmakers/Photojournalists/Videographers: Toby Brooks, Rachel Colwell, Braylie Barrier, Sidney Marks, Bri Thomas, Ally Rance, Kayleigh Oxford