Exposing Victoria’s Secret’s degrading and expensive selling tactics


No matter where you go–whether it’s the mall, movies or sitting at home reading a magazine–you will most likely come across a picture or advertisement that makes your self esteem drop. Most of these advertisements come from the infamous lingerie store Victoria’s Secret. For years this store has advertised perfectly toned and beautiful models who make every reader want to break a mirror into millions of pieces.

It’s a love and hate relationship between the store itself and its clients. Every girl strives to be that beautiful model on the pink scented walls of Victoria’s Secret, but not very many get there. The closest resemblance to being that desirable girl is through wearing the same things, smelling the same way and having the brand name shown to the world.

Most customers of Victoria’s Secret automatically want to buy something until they look at the price tag. That one price tag crushes every girl’s hopes and dreams of becoming a desirable figure. They will go home and continue to watch their boyfriends, fiances and husbands drool over every commercial and fashion show that comes on TV.

The essential question asked is, how can this one business make women feel horrible about themselves and less appealing to men, but continue to have tons of business? Other businesses have the same effect on people, but don’t have the amount of business Victoria’s Secret has. It’s a company that has the ability to give girls certain expectations on how they should look, resulting in disappointment and a lot of mascara filled tears.

In comparison, McDonalds has the potential to make its clients obese which is obviously a self esteem dropper and continues to earn a poor reputation over the years. There are other fast food companies that have outdone McDonalds yet no company can come close to Victoria’s Secret.

If everybody is beautiful, why isn’t there variety in the models presented through advertisements and commercials? Everyone has a love and hate relationship with this store. They love it and want to be like the girls they see everywhere, and they hate it because they feel they will never compare.

At the end of the day, whenever a girl is feeling down, they will go blow their paycheck on some cute new underwear and feel guilty about it later.

Chloe Brim