Sina Way Chinese Cuisine better on the go

Jason Wisenbaker, Reporter


The first thing I noticed when I entered Sina Way Chinese Cuisine was the giant flat screen TV which seemed to have reserved its seat along the wall bench. The remote lay on the table next to it and directly above it on the wall was a wall mount, presumably where the TV was supposed to go. I quickly scanned over the rest of the restaurant. I was alone.

The person on duty noticed me and looked up from his phone. I must have had a blank look on my face because he asked me if I wanted a menu. I nodded, took the menu from his outstretched hand with a thanks, and sat down close to the front so I could get a clear look at what was going on.

While I was deciding what I should order, three people entered the building in quick succession. They ordered their food, but none of them stayed. The employee gave them their food in Styrofoam containers in a plastic bag and they turned and walked out the door.

Returning my attention to the menu, I noticed several prices had been scribbled out and

new prices were written over the old ones. Apparently, they were also out of Fruit Smoothies, because they had been completely crossed out. I settled on a medium drink ($1.55) of Sprite. Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Minute Maid Lemonade, and Pibb Extra were the only other drinks they offered on the menu.

For my main meal I decided on an appetizer of egg rolls ($2.50) and an entree of Sina Noodles. I got up, gave the employee my order, and returned to my seat. He quickly returned with two large egg rolls on a plastic plate (a far cry from the tray shown on the menu) and a bottle of sweet and sour sauce. There was no label on the bottle, so I didn’t know what it was at first.

Apprehensively, I tasted some of the liquid with my egg rolls and found it to be very sweet tasting. Liking the taste, I finished off my egg rolls. It was about a 10 minute wait before he brought me the Sina Noodles.

The entree of Sina Noodles (again, on another plastic plate) consisted of noodles, chicken, fried onions, and carrot strips. The noodles were kind of clumped together, but tasted good and was adequately hot. I had a clear view into the kitchen and it seemed to be a two man procedure. Whistles and hisses were heard from the kitchen’s different metal vats and stoves and faint music could be heard coming from the back. Two slow cookers were toward the front.

On the floor, there was a peculiar white substance, seemingly dust, and it was obvious no one has cleaned up in a while. Food crumbs were littered all over the floor. The walls were decorated with various Chinese looking ornaments, while a long wooden bench lined the left side of the restaurant. Red tables were grouped together in twos along with red chairs. Long hanging lights hung over my head, the one to my right was burn out.

While the food was tasty, the interior still could use a lot of improvements. It didn’t seem particularly clean and there was a construction smell mixed in with the aroma of food. As I left I glanced around the place one last time and came to a realization. Next time, I’ll just use the drive thru.

Sina Way Chinese Cuisine
2211 Capehart Road, Suite 101, Bellevue, NE, 68123
TEL: 402-991-9898

Business Hours:
Sunday – Thursday 11:00-9:00
Friday – Saturday 11:00-10:00

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