The Thunderbeat

Jobs movie bores audience


August 23, 2013

  On October 5, 2011, American inventor and entrepreneur, Steve Jobs, lost his life due to a relapse of cancer that resulted in a respiratory arrest. The inventor was chairman and co-founder of Apple incorporated when...

The Hobbit goes above and beyond expectations


December 17, 2012

The Hobbit, released on Friday, went above and beyond all expectations that I had for it. After hearing that this movie would be a trilogy, I was slightly disappointed. Knowing that the book, “The Hobbit,” is much smaller ...

Bond strikes again


November 15, 2012

Bond is back. 50 years of excellence and unable to disappoint. The newest member of the group, “Skyfall,” changed the view of the 007 agent but change is a good thing. The opening scene, like any other, stars a mission, a...

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