New marquee attracts attention


The district purchased a new marquee for Bellevue West. It was installed on Friday, Sept. 28.
Photo by Hailey Stolze.

On Friday, Sept. 28, Bellevue West purchased a new marquee to broadcast the school’s events.

Bellevue West Activities Director Kevin Broderick believed it was time for the school to buy a new marquee. He said that the old marquee was at least 20 years old and pieces of it were missing.

The build and design of the old marquee also came into play. Broderick says it had eight modules on each of its sides which caused inconvenience.

“If one module would break then we had to replace the entire module. The problem is that it got so old that we couldn’t get parts for the modules,” Broderick said.

Sophomore Samantha Ramming finds the new marquee visually interesting. She says she likes this marquee better than last year’s.

“I think it’s really cool, but the red [text] looks kind of weird with the purple and yellow. If they had made [the text] yellow I think it would have looked cooler,” Ramming said.

Broderick says the placement of the marquee is essential to alerting the public about activities occurring at the school.

“[15th and Cornhusker is] probably one of the busiest intersections in Sarpy County so a lot people can see it,” Broderick said. “This is an opportunity for the community to see what’s going on with Bellevue West.”

Though it may bring attention to school activities, junior Jack Glover emphasizes driving hazards it may cause.

“It’s very bright. It could distract drivers from the road,” Glover said.

The district paid for the new marquee. He says they had been planning on buying a new marquee for the school when the old one stopped working.

“We were happy to have it replaced,” Broderick said.

Hailey Stolze
Website Editor and West Wind Commentary Editor