Opinion: Prom not necessarily magical, but still a chance to make memories

Opinion: Prom not necessarily magical, but still a chance to make memories


Prom isn’t the magical night that you see in almost every teen movie growing up. Odds are, you aren’t going to have a “High School Musical” moment with the perfect dress, dreamy date or cheesy musical number. Is that really what prom is about, though?

Prom is what you make of it. It can either be a total stressor or fun night with friends. It’s supposed to be the “One Last Hurrah” of high school when you can dress up, get a chance to eat overpriced food and create some lasting memories.

It’s not often that high school students get the chance to dress up besides spending a couple more minutes doing your hair in the morning. Odds are you aren’t going to wear a ball gown or tux to math class but prom is another story. Prom gives you a chance to make everyone (not just the prom court) feel like royalty. Everyone will be looking and feeling good, creating the perfect setting for a selfie.

For the avid foodie prom is the perfect excuse to try something new or spend a little more on dinner. Prom dinner is a blast with friends. It’s an excuse to go anywhere and maybe even spend anything, whether that’s a street taco truck in Omaha or a fancy restaurant downtown; anything flies. It’s your one night to have fun, so in the wise words of Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford: “Treat yo self.”

In less than 30 days, seniors, we’ll be out of here. Prom is one of the last memories of high school you’ll have. It’s a universal dance that anyone can relate to look back on fondly. Sure, dressing up and going out is fun, but at the end of the night when the pound of hairspray is washed off and you’re back in yoga pants or basketball shorts, it’s the time with your friends you’ll be looking back on.

Though I would be all for Corbin Bleu or Zac Efron to go to prom with me (if you are reading this Corbin or Zac, hit me up), prom is about having fun with your friends. It’s one of the few nights in high school where it’s socially acceptable for you get to dress up in a ridiculous ballgown or tux, create once in a lifetime memories filled with awkward dancing and celebrate with people you’ll most likely only see on Facebook in just a couple years. Even if you aren’t sure prom is for you it never hurts to try it out for a night. Chances are you might enjoy it.

Bryn Estlund