West alumnus John Patrick performs with a capella group “Re-Voiced”



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On April 17, the a capella group “Re-Voiced” will perform in Bellevue West’s auditorium at 7 p.m.

The group, started by Bellevue West alumnus John Patrick and Chris Rossi two years ago. Dele Opeifa is the vocal percussionist in the band. Rolin Alexis is bass, while Patrick and Rossi both sing Tenor II.

In an a capella group, Patrick emphasized the significance of every member.

“Every person is very important. Without one person you’re missing a big chunk of the puzzle,” Patrick said.

They’re called “Re-Voiced” because, as Patrick said, they “Re-Voice” music. They take other artists’ songs and make them unique through their voices. Patrick’s favorite song they perform is “I Won’t Give Up,” by Jason Mraz.

“We give them a performance but also show them who we are,” Patrick said. “We give a full show.”

Patrick said being friends on and off stage helps their performance. Another aspect that makes their performance original is how much the interact with the audience, according to theatre teacher Lucca Thyberg.

“Most concert you go to [there’s a] big giant [stage], not much contact with the group, and these guys are very personal,” Lucca said. “You have a lot more one-on-one contact.”

When Patrick attended Bellevue West from 2002-2006, he learned to take risks and to be bold. He was involved in everything artsy, including West Connection, Show Choir, West High Singers, Color Guard and musicals.

“I learned so much from the Performing Arts department at Bellevue West,” Patrick said. “They taught us healthy, good singing.”

While at Bellevue West, Patrick was in every musical all four years. His first year he played a little kid in “The Music Man” because he was so short. His sophomore year he played a dancer in “Hello Dolly.” His junior year he was the kangaroo in “Seussical the Musical,” and his senior year, he was one of the princes in “Into the Woods.”

“I learned so much from being under Lucca-Thyberg’s direction,” Patrick said. “She really knows what she’s doing.”

Lucca acknowledged how much Patrick improved while at Bellevue West.

“John went from a really, super energetic kind of off-the-wall talent to a really focused kid who could really deliver,” Lucca said. “He sounds better now than he ever did.”

ReVoiced happened to be on a Midwest “music in the schools” tour and lost a booking. Because John is a Bellevue West graduate, he contacted Lucca to see if they could perform at Bellevue West.

“It’s my hometown and I want to represent my hometown well,” Patrick said.

Through their performance, Patrick hopes students gain a deeper appreciation for music and a greater understanding of how important music is.

“Music is a very powerful art and some don’t even realize it,” Patrick said. “I just love sharing my gift with anyone willing to listen.”

Re-Voiced will be doing workshops for students in 424 and other performing arts during the day.

“I’m hoping that they can teach us how to blend well and how to really sell the music to our audience,” senior Matt Thompson said.

During lunch period they will also perform a number as a preview for the concert.

“Because I’m in 424, I hope to learn more about performing with an a capella group,” senior Katy Boone said. “To see a professional group doing what we’re trying to do as amateurs, it will just be really cool and I hope to get a better understanding of it.”

Patrick advises aspiring artists to not let rejection limit their passion for music and to have persistence.

“You’re going to hear a lot of ‘no’s,’” Patrick said. “If you let those no’s get in the way, you’re never going to get what you want.”

Students interested in attending should purchase tickets from Lucca or Boone for $3 in advance, or tickets will be $5 at the door. Adults are also welcome to attend for $10. Children under 6 are free.

Hailey Stolze
Editor in Chief 

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