Matchblocks fills the void of Tetris



Photo by Michael Navratil

Imagine blocks raining from the sky and the only way you can get them disappear is to tap in certain sequences of colors. With “MatchBlocks,” this is possible. “MatchBlocks” is a new type of puzzle game that brings a quick action-based feel to a puzzle game.

“MatchBlocks” is free to download on Google Play and the iOS App store. The game itself is addicting. The game’s overall point is to destroy as many blocks as possible, but clearing them up requires a special sequence of different colors. The way you earn points is by clearing multiple blocks on the screen as fast as you can without messing up the sequences. As each colored button is pressed, a section of the block will light up with a little circle and if the sequence is right, you will destroy the that block or many blocks if they have the same sequence. If it is wrong, the block will be reset.

Allowing the board to overflow with blocks and reach the top means ‘game over,’ much like in Tetris. In the game there are up to 6 colors that come into play. Meaning many different sequences to come into play giving the game an original difficulty to it.

When playing “Matchblocks,” I became infuriated by how difficult this game truly is. It sounded so easy and simple to play, but once the blocks started raining down, my heart started to race and all my coordination went out the window.

The feel of the game starts off laid-back and gradually gets more chaotic, which I like. Once more colors are introduced, “Matchblocks” becomes a whole new type of puzzle game. It helps give the game some difficulty, but it also gives the game an addictive quality.

Its overall gameplay is outstanding. I would recommend it to anybody. The Addictiveness makes me want to keep playing it. this game is one of my top ten most liked game that I own.

Level of Addictiveness: 7 out of 10

Difficulty of Game: 8 out of 10

Fun-O-Meter: 7 out of 10

Overall Grade: A-

Michael Navratil
Graphic Designer