Crave keeps you coming back for more


I’m usually not one to spend 20 dollars on a meal, unless someone else is picking up the check of course, but Crave is an exception. The food was tasty, the waitress was kind and helpful and the atmosphere trendy.

The waitress was helpful when I was indecisive. She explained the menu and was rather convincing when it came to ordering an appetizer. We ordered the Baked Crab and Artichoke dip. I was pleasantly surprised when it came to the table because it wasn’t an ordinary dip that I expected. It was a creamy crab blend topped with shrimp and coated with toasted bread crumbs. It was served with warm Tandoori bread. After the first bite, I was hooked.

One of my favorite aspects about Crave was that they had so much to choose from. I looked over the menu several times and still had no idea what I was hungry for. From an abundance of pasta dishes to sushi platters, there was a lot to choose from.

After scanning the menu several times, I finally decided on a pasta dish. The Spicy Shrimp Fettuccine was the best choice. The noodles and shrimp were glazed with creamy parmesan sauce, roasted tomato salsa and crispy prosciutto. The best part was the crispy prosciutto. It was a nice blend of crispy and creamy with a hint of spice.

My friend ordered the Kogi Beef tacos. I had no idea a simple taco could taste so good. The taco consisted of beef short rib, spicy mayo, green onion, cilantro and spicy kimchi. The beef was so juicy and had a somewhat sweet flavor to it. The contrast between the sweet and spicy was a tasty touch.

The tacos were originally ordered without kimchi. When they brought out the tacos, they were topped with kimchi. The waitress was apologetic and put another order in, minus the kimchi. Our waitress offered a free cup of soup to my friend while her meal was in the process of being prepared. Most restaurants would show no remorse which is why I appreciated her sincere apology.

Though the food was the best part, I also enjoyed the atmosphere. Crave had a trendy vibe to it. The room was dimly lit which gave it an almost ominous feel. Little candles were placed on each table for additional lighting, which made it all the more fancy. A tall rectangular wine rack took up a good portion of the room. It stretched from the floor to the ceiling. The decor was fancy yet inviting.

All of the dishes I was introduced to were scrumptious, though the Spicy Shrimp Fettuccine was my favorite. From food to the atmosphere, Crave did not disappoint. It’s safe to say they gained a loyal customer.

Ashley Quintela
Editor in Chief and Hitting the Runway Blogger